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Joint Venture

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In order to expand international economic cooperation and exchange of technology, it is promoted by China government to form a legal enterprise by Chinese parties, either individual or legal entity, and foreign parties, either individual or legal entity. A JV has usually been used by foreign investors to enter the restricted industries such as: Education, Entertainment, Mining, Hospital, Banking, Road Construction, Transportation etc. Please note that for a sino-foreign joint venture, there must be a board of directors (consists of at least 3 persons, including a Chair person and two directors).

Compared with WFOE, you will share all the management, profits and losses with your partners. And maybe in this way, you can conduct business effectively with your Chinese partner, since he/she can offer detailed knowledge about Chinese market together with your own specific advantages.

To register a JV company in mainland China can be very stressful and time-consuming. So it is very important to have a responsible and professional agent to help you with the whole process.


The registration will take more or less 15 working days from company name approved. At the end you will obtain:

Certificate Approval

Business License

One Set of Seals (company seal, legal representative seal, financial seal)

NOTE: all the above depends on your business industry, please contact us for tailored advice.

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